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A feast for the eyes, a wealth of gardening knowledge

Just oustide of Bayeux, Normandy, in the peace and quiet of a leafy valley, the gardens of Castillon await your discovery. You will be treated to a feast for the eyes and a weatlh of knowledge about plants and gardening.

On one side of a broad central path, a series of theme gardens will let you stroll from "room" to "room": exuberant mixed borders, poetic aquatic plants, lush humidity-loving plants, scented herbs, sculpted conifers of the Far East and Colette Sainte Beuve's diverse collection of cranesbill geraniums...

On the other side, three vast terraces punctuated by yew topiary and beechwood hedges each offer a unique ambiance: a collection of ornamental grasses, a blue garden and an ensemble of daylillies and hostas arranged around a reflecting pond.

An arboretum and boxtree labyrinth with their strong graphic lines and integration into the surrounding landscape complement the theme gardens.

Many of the plants you see in the gardens can be purchased in the adjoining nursery.

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Prix du Jardin de l’année 2009, décerné par l’Association des journalistes du jardin et de l’horticulture et du Tourisme


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News from Castillon

  • Discouver the new book about the gardens! Discouver the new book about the gardens!
    Spring has sprung! We are pleased to announce the publication of the new book "Les Jardins de Castillon" written by Philippe Loison, Marianne Lavillonnière and Jérôme Goutier and published by Editions "Art des Jardins" The book will be presented by the authors and by Colette at the Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard plant show on Saturday, April 5th, 2014, starting at 3pm, followed by book signing.
    You can also purchase this book directly online on the Art des Jardins website...

Useful information

The gardens and nursery are open:

  • from 2pm to 5pm, Tuedays through Saturdays, from May 1st to October 12th.
  • Open Sundays in June and July from 2:30pm to 5pm.


  • Adults: 7 €
  • Children: 4 € (free under 4)


  • Please contact us

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Favourite plants at Castillon

Here are some of the most popular plants you will come across at Castillon:
masked geranium masked hydrangeamasked clematitemasked graminees
Hardy geraniums, hydrangeas, clematis, ornamental grasses, daylillies, hostas, water plants, topiary, old roses... masked hemerocale masked hostasmasked plantesdeaumasked topiare